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Lucky Reptile TerraLock Plus

These sliding door locks are characterized by their excellent and durable locking mechanism. The loc..


Lucky Reptile Thermocontrol II

The Thermo Control PRO II is a modified Thermo Control II. The main difference is the realtime clo..


Microclimate Evo Thermostat Touch Screen Dual Channel

The Evo is a touch screen digital thermostat with a maximum load of 1200w.Extremely easy to setup ju..


Microclimate Ministat 300

Internet Reptile is one of the UK's leading reptile retailersInternet Reptile offers you the lowest ..


Pro Rep Beardie Life 10kg

Beardie Life 10 KiloA blended substrate to help create the ideal environment for bearded dragons and..


Pro Rep Leo Life 10kg

Leo Life - 10 KilosProRep Leo Life is part of the species specific life series of substrates and has..


Pro Rep Tortoise Life 10kg

Tortoise Life - 10 KilosProRep Tortoise Life is part of the species-specific life series of substrat..