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ESHA Tortufit 10ml

For happy turtles in healthy water! Tortufit is specially formulated for freshwater turtles in aquar..


Exo-Terra Hygrometer

The Exo Terra Hygrometer monitors humidity levels effectively and easily. The humidity level is an i..


Exo-Terra Thermometer

The Exo Terra Thermometer monitors temperature levels effectively and easily. The temperature leve..


Pro Rep BC to ES Converter

BC To ES Bulb ConvertorPlastic Bayonet to Screw Converter (BC to ES, for ES Bulbs). Now you can enjo..


Pro-Rep Viv Clean Spray

ProRep Viv Clean Vivarium Disinfectant Spray keep your cages and utensils clean and hygienic with th..


Pro-Rep Water Sprayer

Hand sprayer, green. For the misting of reptile cages. Volume - 500ml..


T-Rex Comfort Leash Medium

T-Rex reptile comfort leash. Made from finest leather. Adjustable cinch allows you to gently but fir..


Vet-Ark Amprotect Hand Gel 500ml

Waterless skin decontaminantBroad-spectrum and fast-actingForms an invincible gloveLong-lasting resi..


Vet-Ark Tamodine-E 250ml

Tamodine E is an iodophore disinfectant, it is suitable for general purpose disinfection. Also for u..


ZooMed Deluxe Shovel Scooper

Great for in between clean upsAngled for cleaning cornersIdeal for repti sand of vita sand..


ZooMed Feeding Tongs 6"

More hygienic than fingersKeeps fingers from open mouthsStainless Steel for durability and ease of c..


ZooMed Naturalist Flora Bird Nest Fern 12"

Naturalistic FloraTM Birds Nest Fern. Naturalistic tropical artificial plants to decorate your terra..


ZooMed Naturalist Flora Orchid Rock

Weighted rock baseGreat for desert settingsAuthentic looking fauna..


ZooMed Reptisafe 125ml

Water conditioner for reptilesRemoves chloramines & chlorine from tap waterDetoxifies ammonia an..


ZooMed Reptisafe 66ml

The first instant terrarium water conditioner. Great for reptile water bowls, chameleon drip water s..