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Oase AquaActiv Biokick Premium 4x20ml

Oase AquaActiv Biokick Premium 4x20ml

- Contents: 4 x 20 ml 

- max. Pond size: 40.0 m3


- includes ammonium oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and nitrite oxidizing bacteria (NOB)


- the glass vials ensure a long shelf life of the extremely high bacteria concentration (unchilled 36 months)


- the run-in time of the filter can be shortened by overdosing


- 50 billion active bacteria per milliliter.

- Particularly suitable for ponds with Koibesatz and heavily polluted ponds

- after just a few days the full performance is given.

- including ampoule opener

Further information

High-performance bacterial cultures as a liquid preparation in medical glass vials. The autotrophic bacterial strains and enzymes are suitable for up to 40.0 m³ large ponds with heavy load and Koibesatz

Technical specifications

- Contents: 4 x 20 ml


- Max. Pond size: 40.0 m 3   

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