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Oase 3/4-1 1/2" Flow Regulator

Max. Flow Rate: 6000 GPHDimensions: 5 x 2 x 4.5 in.Tubing connectors: 1 in., 1 1/4 in., 1 1/2 in., 2..


Oase 5/10 Sponge Coarse

Our replacement foam filters are made from high quality reticulated foam, in the same specification ..


Oase Aqua Oxy 1000 Pond Aerator

Oase Aqua Oxy 1000 Special safe 12 volt technology for AquaOxy 1000-2000Air sto..


Oase Aqua Oxy 500 Pond Aerator

Oase Aqua Oxy 500Outdoor setup possible (AquaOxy 4800 must be protected against splashing water)Spec..


Oase AquaActiv Anti-Parasite 500ml

Contents (ml) 500For ponds (M²) Maximum 10Oase AquaActiv Anti Parasite 500 mlAquaActiv Anti Parasite..


Oase AquaActiv Biokick 200ml

Awakens the filter biology in the filters, to 100% in just a few daysDecontamination of nitrite, amm..


Oase AquaActiv Biokick 500ml

Clear water bacteria cultures with freshness guarantee.Highly effective treatments manufactured to t..


Oase AquaActiv Biokick Premium 4x20ml

- Contents: 4 x 20 ml - max. Pond size: 40.0 m3characteristics- includes ammonium oxidizing bac..


Oase AquaActiv Oxyplus 500ml

Oase Aqua Activ OxyPlus increases the oxygen content in the pond. Prevents formation of hazardous fe..


Oase AquaActiv Pondoclear 500ml

Creates clear pond waterHighly effective treatments manufactured to the highest standardsOase have m..


Oase AquaActiv Pumpclean 500ml

Effective pump cleaner for cleaning pond pumpsReliably removes lime and other deposits within 24 hou..


Oase AquaActiv Safe and Care 500ml

Treats tap water and protects fish with mucous membraneHighly effective treatments manufactured to t..


Oase AquaActiv Sedifree 500ml

Through dead algae, foliage and plant remnants Mulm and mud layers form in weakly flowing pond zones..