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The staff who run our website are currently away on holiday. To ensure you get your order as soon as possible after ordering, we won't be taking orders until they return. We hope to re-open the web store on 6th August 2018.

In the meantime, feel free to take a browse online and don't forget that items can still be purchased in-store!

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Coral Feeds

Coral Feeds
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Red Sea Reef Energy A B 2-Part Formula – Intro Pack

REEF ENERGY A | B 2-Part Formula – Intro PackProvides all the carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamin..


Red Sea Reef Energy A Supplement 500ml

REEF ENERGY A SUPPLEMENTCarbohydrate supplement of dissolved and suspended energy sourcesCoral Nutri..


Red Sea Reef Energy B Supplement 500ml

REEF ENERGY B SUPPLEMENTAmino acids and vitamin supplement essential for coral metabolic activityCor..


NYOS Goldpods

NYOS® GOLDPODS is a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which contains arctic copepods High-qual..


Polyplab Reef-Roids 30g

Although originally engineered for feeding the Goniopora genus, this product has been very well rece..


Salifert Coral Food 250ml

Corals require micronutrients to help aid their growth. Feed your corals with Salifert Coral Food - ..


Salifert Coral Food 500ml

Salifert Coral Food supplies coral stocks with a nutritious diet to support healthy growth. Dosed ..


Vitalis Anemone Pellets Small 50g

Vitalis is specially formulated for Anemones with a soft sinking pellet 4mm using high quality ingre..


Vitalis LPS Coral Pellets Small 50g

This range of foods from Vitalis include an advanced blend of amino acids enabling to you to witness..