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In the meantime, feel free to take a browse online and don't forget that items can still be purchased in-store!

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Water Treatments and Medications

Water Treatments and Medications
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Betta Tonic Salt 250g

Betta Tonic Salts are a great mild conditioner and antiseptic for use in a fresh water aquarium. I..


BiOrb First Aid Kit

BiOrb First Aid Kit If your fish are unwell simply replace the normal filter cartridge with the Firs..


BiOrb Water Optimiser

BiOrb Water OptimiserUse weekly to keep your aquarium crystal clear.Water Optimiser improves biologi..


Easy-Life Algexit 250ml

Clean water without algae.Algae are produced when an aquarium is not well balanced. Causes of an unb..


Easy-Life Algexit 500ml

Clean water without algae.Algae are produced when an aquarium is not well balanced. Causes of an u..


Easy-Life Easy Carbo 250ml

Carbon is essential for good plant growth EasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon s..


Easy-Life Easy Carbo 500ml

Carbon is essential for good plant growthEasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon sou..


Easy-Life Excital 250ml

Easy-Life Excital displaces red slime algae (Cyano sp.) by stimulating the growth of specific micro-..


Easy-Life Filter Medium 250ml

The ultimate water treatment that does not contain chemicalsEasy-Life Filter Medium is the most vers..


Easy-Life Profito 250ml

Easy Life Profito Plant Fertilizer is an all-in-one, universal plant food which is suitable for all ..


ESHA 2000 - Fungus and Finrot

eSHa 2000's wide range action treat over 18 symptoms and disease organisms. eSHa 2000 treats a wide ..


ESHA Cryptoplus Plant Growth

eSHa Crypto-Plus is a unique formula that boosts the amount of nutrients and light that your plants ..


ESHA Exit Whitespot

Effectively treats Whitespot and all other Spot (Ich) parasitesAlso cures Velvet diseaseSafe for use..


ESHA Gastroplex

GASTROPEX  effectively combats aquatic snails in your aquarium. Use GASTROPEX to stop snails de..



eSHa-ndx is an anthelmintic for ornamental freshwater and marine fish. It is effective against paras..