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ESHA 2000 - Fungus and Finrot

eSHa 2000's wide range action treat over 18 symptoms and disease organisms. eSHa 2000 treats a wide ..


ESHA Cryptoplus Plant Growth

eSHa Crypto-Plus is a unique formula that boosts the amount of nutrients and light that your plants ..


ESHA Exit Whitespot

Effectively treats Whitespot and all other Spot (Ich) parasitesAlso cures Velvet diseaseSafe for use..


ESHA Gastroplex

GASTROPEX  effectively combats aquatic snails in your aquarium. Use GASTROPEX to stop snails de..



eSHa-ndx is an anthelmintic for ornamental freshwater and marine fish. It is effective against paras..


ESHA Protalon

Eliminates All Algae.Harmless For Fish And PlantsPrevents Algae Returning And Maintains Plants...