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Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit

Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit

Easy-to-use tests for the accurate monitoring of all of the important parameters during the biological maturation of marine and reef aquariums
NH3/NH4 | NO3 | NO2 | pH | KH

Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit is Complete multi-test pack including all of the tests necessary to monitor the biological maturation of new systems and for the ongoing maintenance and algae management of fish-only aquariums.

The Marine Care Multi Test Kit includes the tests pH, KH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite in a durable, chemical-resistant plastic box.

Test NameElementAccuracyRangeTest TypeNo. of Tests
AmmoniaNH3/NH40.2 ppm0-2 ppmColorimetric100
NitrateNO32 ppm0-250 ppmColorimetric100
NitriteNO20.05 ppm0-1 ppmColorimetric60
pHpH0.2 ppm7.6-8.6Colorimetric100
AlkalinitydKH1 dKH/0.36 meq/L0-∞Titration55

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