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Oase LunAqua 3 Set 3 Pond Lighting

LunAqua 3 Set 3Pleasant warm-white light colourColour accents through provided colour discsFlexible ..


Pontec PondoFog With LED Light

Pontec PondoFog With LED LightVital air for animals and plants in the pond!Product highlights at a g..


Pontec PondoStar LED Set 1

PondoStar LED Set 1Stage your garden and pond with the right lighting!Product highlights at a glance..


Pontec PondoStar LED Set 3

PondoStar LED Set 3Brilliant, luminous light accents for garden and pond!Product highlights at a gla..


Pontec PondoStar LED Set 6

Pontec PondoStar LED Set 6Light set with 6 compact, energy-efficient 0.5 watt LED spots.Product high..