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Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5K Fountain Head

Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5K Fountain Head

Schaumsprudler 22 - 5 K

  • Water-level independent foam effect nozzle
  • The source of bubbling enjoyment
  • The water flows upward in a single powerful jet.
  • The power of the pressure determines the height before the water foams downwards.

An ever popular vertical jet fountain, the Oase Schaumsprudler 22-5k can achieve a fountain height of 65cm when matched with the right pump, energising the dynamics of your garden pond and helping to aerate your water.

The foaming jet creates a vertical jet of water approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Air is mixed with water to create a foaming sound, adding a new dynamic to your beautiful pond. Ideal for any garden pond, water feature or water display.

Not only does it look great, a fountain encourages movement in the water, which moves oxygen around, avoiding stagnant patches and promoting good fish and plant health. The unit is wind stable and fuss free, providing constant results. 

Once you know how high you want your fountain jet to be, simply match your Oase Schaumsprudler to a pump which matches the required litres per hour for that height:

  • Jet Height: 30 cm, requires 1500 lph
  • Jet Height: 45 cm, requires 2500 lph
  • Jet Height: 50 cm, requires 3500 lph
  • Jet Height: 65 cm, requires 4500 lph

Key Features:

  • Fountain jet attachment for Oase Fountain Pump
  • Creates attractive spume of water
  • Oase Aerator nozzle independent of water level
  • 1/2 inch male threaded connection
  • Made from durable plastic.

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