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NYOS Phosi-Ex Phosphate and Silicate Absorber

NYOS Phosi-Ex Phosphate and Silicate Absorber

NYOS® PHOSI-EX is an high-performance, moist silicate and phosphate adsorber.

    Removes phosphate and silicate
    prevents unwanted algae plagues
    No emission of aluminium
    Leads to crystal clear water

Content: 500ml
Use: 150-200ml per 500l
Capacity: 1000-2000l sea water at 0,5mg/l phosphate

NYOS® PHOSI-EX is an extremely high-performance, moist and secure silicate and phosphate adsorber on an iron basis. The targeted use of PHOSI-EX will prevent unwanted algae plagues effectively and your aquarium will shine in all its glory.

    Removes phosphate and silicate permanently, quickly and efficiently
    Removes and prevents unwanted algae plagues
    No change to the pH value
    No emission of aluminium or other harmful substances
    Leads to crystal clear aquarium water

NYOS® PHOSI-EX can be added directly to the aquarium circulation in a filter sleeve or between two layers of filter floss. The best results can be achieved with a vortex filter (e.g. from NYOS®). To begin with, use approx. 150-200 ml NYOS® PHOSI-EX per 500 litres of aquarium water. This amount can be increased in stages after a few days if required.

1000 ml NYOS® PHOSI-EX suffices for around 2000-4000 litres of sea water or around 4000-8000 litres of fresh water (with 0.5 mg/l phosphate).

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