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Welcome to Fathoms Aquatics

Your online aquatic and reptile products superstore! Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and shipping nationwide

Here at Fathoms Aquatics we cater to all varieties of fish keepers - from reef and marine aquariums, coldwater fish, pond and koi fish, planted aquariums, nano tanks, children's aquariums and tropical community tanks. Hundreds of products in stock including a huge range of fish tanks and aquariums both large and small.

We stock only the highest quality aquarium products. Whether you're upgrading a goldfish bowl and looking for the perfect kid's starter aquarium, setting up a new reef tank, or building your dream koi pond; we've got you covered for all your aquatic needs.

Proud stockists of products from Red Sea, TMC, Juwel Aquarium, Oase, NT Labs, BiOrb, Eheim and many more high quality aquarium brands. With hundreds of products from fish food to filters, all available to purchase online and in our Bedfordshire store.

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A wide range of reptile products are also available, featuring brands such as Zoo Med, Exo Terra, Pro Rep and Lucky Reptile.

Reptile livefood also available online or in our Bedfordshire store. Fresh reptile livefood delivered in store every Tuesday - reserve online to click and collect!